5 Design Programs Every Blogger Should Use

5 MUST HAVE Design Programs for Bloggers & Designers

If you’re artsy/craftsy, a blogger… designer.. or just wanting a fun way to play with your photos… and more, you MUST check these out! As a “new” blogger, I have struggled with finding the time to boot up my Photoshop, make logos, edit photos and all that jazz. BUT… Thanks to a few simple programs, my blogging work time has been seriously shortened. Do you have others not listed below that you love to use? Let me know by leaving a comment and/or showing off your design work.

5 Design Programs Every Blogger Should Use

Ooops! Did I mention they’re FREE!? What what!?

5. paint.net: If you’re looking for a quick program to let you add layers, crop photos, do some clone stamping, etc. but can’t afford programs like Photoshop and the like, Paint.net is pretty awesome. There’s a few different filters, you can adjust levels, brightness, contrast, tint and much more. It’s the only PC program listed here that requires a download, but it’s seriously a quick and easy alternative to Photoshop if you’re needing a little more control over your content and editing but don’t always have access to the internet.

4. Cymera: Cymera is my favorite mobile photo editor so far. It’s available for both Apple AND Android devices and has some crazy awesome features. It’s free to download, edit, and save, though does have some paid features, such as additional filters, frames, lights, etc. There’s also some pretty awesome free filters and such that are great for selfies and people pics, you can add text, frames, and so much more. There’s a lot of great options in this app if you’re needing to edit on the go!

3. Pixlr: Pixlr gives you lots of options for photo editing. It’s available as a download, a web app, as well as a mobile app for both Apple and Android devices. Pixlr allows many options as far as both basic and in-depth photo correction and editing. There’s also many great filters, stickers, borders and more. It’s still not QUITE as advanced as something like Photoshop, but it still gives you a number of tools to work with.

2. Picmonkey: I LOVE PicMonkey. Not only is the little monkey guy cute as a button, but you can do some amazing things with the simple click of a button. With PicMonkey you can easily crop photos, adjust exposure, add borders, text and so much more. It also gives you three different options for saving size to choose from, depending on preferred file size. There’s also a paid upgrade option which gives you royal access to many more options for adding filters, shapes, text and more.

1. Canva: I can not even tell you how much I am in love with this webapp! There’s so many options available with Canva that I could seriously spend days playing around with it. It’s free to create just about anything that you could ever want: logos, business cards, brochures, posters… and the list goes on and on. Canva makes life super easy for bloggers by giving you preset dimension options for many social media sites. You can make customized projects for Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and much more. Plus, there’s a wealth of free photo and even illustration images available. Canva does have paid options as well for certain images, illustrations, backgrounds, etc, as well as an upgraded account option that lets you set up your business logo, paint palette, font settings and more. If you check out even ONE of these programs, I would definitely highly recommend Canva!

Try these out and let me know what you think!

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