17 Brilliant Hacks for Repurposed Empty Containers

I absolutely HATE throwing away anything that I can find a new purpose for. In my house, repurposed containers are used for everything from craft storage to spices. Not only does repurposing cut down on the amount of STUFF that gets tossed out in the trash or recycling bin, but it saves me from spending money on BUYING new containers for organizing. Pinterest is again my friend when it comes to finding new ways to repurpose old containers. Some of the ideas are so BRILLIANT that I thought I would share some favorites with you! What tricks have you found for repurposing containers?

Fun and creative ways to give your old plastic containers new life

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Repurposed Shampoo/lotion Bottles:


Cell phone charging station – makeit-loveit.com

I have a horrible time keeping track of my cell phone charger unless I have it tied around my neck. Though, rather than spending the $15 for this one on Amazon like I did, you can make your own out of an old baby wash/lotion bottle!  Ashley over at makeit-loveit.com has an awesome TUTORIAL on how to make your own from a repurposed shampoo and/or lotion bottle.

How to make a cell phone charging station from an empty shampoo bottle.


Kitchen sponge caddy – craftingagreenworld.com

I can’t handle the smell of sour dish rags or sponges. I have tried the suction-cup style holders for sponges to keep them from sitting and spoiling but they just don’t stick to my sink. Something like this would definitely be helpful, however, and much cheaper! Create your own sponge caddy from a repurposed shampoo and/or lotion bottle.

Dishwashing sponge caddy holder made from a repurposed shampoo bottle.


“Monster” Art Supply Organizer – craftionary.net

These little guys are ADORABLE and super easy. They would be fun in a kid’s bathroom as well for storing things like combs and brushes, hair-ties and more! Here, you can find a few other ideas for repurposed tabletop versions.

How to create cute little "monster" craft organizers from repurposed shampoo bottles.


Fun girls’s purses  – instructables.com

Little girls would have fun helping make these pretty little purses from repurposed, colored shampoo and lotion bottles. For a snapping, grown-up version, try this version from WeUpcycle.

How to create little girls' purses from repurposed shampoo bottles.



Repurposed Milk & Water Jugs


Watering Can (Jug) – makeit-loveit-.com

Ashley at makeit-loveit.com has some other amazingly creative ideas on her site. Check out this one for creating a watering can from a repurposed milk jug. I’ve used old milk jugs just to pour water for my plants, but that’s not nearly as fun for little ones as watching it sprinkle out! Her idea is perfect for kids as well, as unlike normal watering cans, there’s no open hole in the top for the water to spill out! You could even jazz up the jug with some color or fabric for a little extra repurposed fun.

Create a watering can from an old milk jug



Clothes Pin Basket – homedit.com

Clothes pins are one of those things that tend to be strewn around the house (or yard) if you don’t have something specific to put them in. This cute little bucket makes the perfect little repurposed tote for the buggers! Rather than these rope handles, I would probably use an old wire hanger to make hooked handles that could hang on the lines for easy access when hanging clothes.

Create a hanging tote from an old water jug

photo by homedit.com


Repurposed Milk Cartons


Pantry Organizers/ Kitchen Canisters – SewliciousHomeDecor.com

SewLiciousHomeDecor.com has some really fun and creative repurposed ideas, such as these kitchen organizers. I imagine you might want to get a funnel to put the stuff inside without making yourself a big mess, but they’re much prettier to look at than crumpled up bags of flour and sugar.

Create pantry dry goods organizers from repurposed milk and juice cartons.

photo by sewlicioushomedecor.com


Repurposed Pringles Cans

Christmas gift baked goods containers – Buzzfeed.com

Rather than doing the same old platter and plastic wrap tray of goodies or spending money on the plastic Christmas decorative containers, make your own goodie containers with repurposed Pringles cans!

Use a repurposed Pringles can to deliver homemade Christmas goodies.

photo credit: unknown, found @ buzzfeed.com

Pasta containers for the pantry – TheRHouse.com

Forget the open plastic bags or boxes of pasta which fall apart and break all over the cabinet or floor and store your spaghetti noodles and pasta in empty pringles cans to keep things neat.

Use a repurposed Pringles can to store dry spaghetti and organize your pantry.



Make-up Pad Dispenser – nx2.com

Kitchens and bathrooms are my two pet-peeve places for organization stuffs. I hate messy bathrooms and kitchens! Check out this nifty way to use a repurposed Pringles can to organize all those fluffy little make-up pads that seem to make their way all over the bathroom. Allure has a tutorial and step-by-step here!

Use a repurposed Pringles can to dispense make-up applicator pads and organize your bathroom.

picture from Pinterest.com, original author unknown.

Repurposed Soda/ Drink Bottles


Backyard Bowling Games – bushbeans.com

Summer is a perfect time for backyard barbecues and fun. Check out this idea from Bush’s Beans on a fun backyard game from repurposed 2-liter soda bottles.

Backyard bowling game from repurposed 2-liter bottles

photo by bushbeans.com

Repurposed Baby-Wipe containers


First aid/emergency kit – tipjunkie.com

Add Kleenex, OTC medications, hand sanitizer, chapstick, sunscreen, hair ties and all other sorts of “emergency” items to a decorated wipes container for a handy first-aid kit.

Repurpose an empty baby wipes container into a portable first aid kit.

photo by tipjunkie.com


Yarn/Twine dispenser – happinessishomemade.com

Being a crocheter (if that’s even a word?), it can be a pain in the rear to have to fight with skeins of yarn rolling across the floor, being eaten by pets or lost under the sofa. Create this handy dispenser to keep tabs on your twine or yarn and avoid fighting a messy ball of knots.

Repurpose an empty baby wipes container to store and organize craft twine and yarn.

photo by happinessishomemade.com

Plastic Bag Dispenser – happinessishomemade.com

Cleaners and bottles and grocery bags, OH MY! I can’t help but feel guilty throwing away old grocery bags and somehow always manage to forget to put them out in the recycling. And so, they end up stuffed under my sink. This would be a handy way to store them for easy dispensing and reuse. I will also store them in empty garbage bag boxes as well.

Repurpose an empty baby wipes container to store and organize plastic grocery bags.



Repurposed Coffee Creamer Containers


Pantry storage – HomeTalk.com

Create pantry dry goods organizers from repurposed coffee creamer bottles.

photo and idea credit to hometalk.com (broken link)


Winter Snowmen Decorations – http://www.facebook.com/lbrickett

These are too darn easy fun for the kiddos. Not only do they make adorable little decorations, you could: fill them with sand for a decorative doorstop, fill them with small Christmas candies and treats for gift giving… possibilities are endless!

Repurpose empty coffee creamer containers into cute snowmen decorations.

photo by lbrickett: http://www.facebook.com/lbrickett


Crystal Light/Drink Mix Containers Repurposed


“Holly Jolly” Christmas Treat Gift – mudpiestudio.blogspot.com

How fun of a play on words with this little treat! Could be used as a stocking stuffer or as a gift for school friends/teachers as the source suggests.

Have a holly jolly Christmas treats from repurposed Crystal Light containers.

photo by http://mudpiestudio.blogspot.com


Use an old Lego man to hold the ends of your chargers to keep them from falling beneath the desk or table! 

So…. this last one isn’t exactly a container upcycle… but it’s darn genius and cRaZy cute! (Check out the Lego man’s expression!)

photo by https://modernisticdesign.blogspot.com

photo by https://modernisticdesign.blogspot.com

For more Repurposed Container Ideas, Follow My Pinterest Board!

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