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So, I recently found the mobile app Checkout 51 and decided I would give it a shot. Usually, I try downloading “money saving apps” or “coupon apps” and uninstall them after the first round of wasted time. Checkout 51, though, is pretty darn cool. Looking at the screenshot above, it seems to be a pretty straightforward app which is also available for the desktop. I bought a $1.49 loaf of bread at Dollar General just to see how everything worked and was surprised at the simplicity. I don’t have to buy Brand XYZ’s Limited Edition Spring Whole Grain loaf of bread. I can buy any brand, any variety. Same with the yogurt and many other items.

For the mobile app, you can simply sign in using Facebook or by registering your email. There’s just a bit to set up and then you have your list of current deals (such as you see above). By clicking on the stars (see right side of image) you can mark which deals you want to take advantage of and the app will keep a running total for your rebate amount at the top. Once you click on there, TADA! you have your shopping list!

There’s quite a bit more available here as well such as recipes and cooking tips available for the items you select. The ads are also broken down into various categories for shopping ease.

Once you’ve purchased your items, you upload a copy of your receipt for verification and start earning money back. The cool thing about Checkout 51 is you can generally use this app in conjunction with other coupons and money-back programs unless otherwise stated (click on the ads for more information and stipulations) and increase your savings by combining with other offers!


How about you? Have you tried Checkout 51? What are your favorite features? What’s been your highest rebate?

Check back here often for more money saving tips, reviews, recipes and more!

Disclaimer: Apart from the money I earn on rebates with my own shopping and through the use of this application, I’m not a paid affiliate of Checkout 51 and am only sharing my own personal experiences. As I want you to be able to trust that the goods, products and services shared on This Thing I Call Life are not influenced by money, I will only share products and services with my readers that I myself use and would recommend. As with any third-party applications and/or software, use at your own risk.

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