We All Scream for Ice Cream….. Bread?

pexels-photo-116933-largeI have been through a bajillion Pinterest boards, cookbooks and all over the web and never heard of “Ice Cream Bread”. Ice Cream Bread? What the what? Yep that’s right. Ice cream BREAD! I’ve made many a dump cakes but am still amazed at the concept of “ice cream bread”. So I suppose I should tell you what it is.

Apparently, you can take 2 cups of any kind of ice cream you want, melt it, add in around 1 1/2 c self-rising flour and make bread out of it! I know, right? Who’da thunk! Thanks to Thrifty DIY Diva for sharing your Ice Cream Bread board.

In searching through different pages of recipes, here’s the one I’m going to give a shot and I’ll post back with my findings!

How about you? Have you ever heard of ice cream bread? Have you ever made it? What’s your favorite recipe?


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