Money From Home: Ibotta

pexels-photo-26799-mediumSo, I last wrote about my experiences with Checkout 51. If you haven’t “checked it out” just yet, you definitely should! In my couponing and rebate app endeavors, I also came across the mobile app Ibotta. The two are fairly similar in that they offer you money-back rebates when you purchase an item they’ve listed.

In order to unlock various offers, you have a quick task to do beforehand. In just getting started with the app, I’ve answered a couple quick questions or gotten a pop-up “did you know?” type of blurb displayed. I know you’re probably thinking, I don’t have time for that! This blog is supposed to be about simple! But believe me, compared to scouring pages and pages of paper coupons or coupon websites, this one is definitely simple!

Once you’ve unlocked your rebate deals, you simply scan the barcodes on the items you purchase and upload and then upload your receipt and you’re all set! I know you’re thinking that’s a lot, but it really is simple. If you’re already carrying your smartphone with you to do your shopping, simply scan your codes as you put the items in your cart. Then, upload your receipt once you get in the car and you’re done! Compared to the alternatives, this app is much quicker and less hassle!

Beyond just the simple money-saving rewards, you can also set up team rebate networks and get money back for your friends saving as well! Simply share the app with your friends and be sure they sign up with your personal code to start saving even more!

Disclaimer: Apart from the money I earn on rebates with my own shopping and through the use of this application, I’m not a paid affiliate of Ibotta and am only sharing my own personal experiences. As I want you to be able to trust that the goods, products, and services shared on This Thing I Call Life are not influenced by money, I will only share products and services with my readers that I myself use and would recommend. As with any third-party applications and/or software, use at your own risk.

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