Making/saving money

I absolutely HATE throwing away anything that I can find a new purpose for. In my house, repurposed containers are used for everything from craft storage to spices. Not only does repurposing cut down on the amount of STUFF that gets tossed out in the trash or recycling bin, but […]

17 Brilliant Hacks for Repurposed Empty Containers

So, I last wrote about my experiences with Checkout 51. If you haven’t “checked it out” just yet, you definitely should! In my couponing and rebate app endeavors, I also came across the mobile app Ibotta. The two are fairly similar in that they offer you money-back rebates when you […]

Money From Home: Ibotta

So, I recently found the mobile app Checkout 51 and decided I would give it a shot. Usually, I try downloading “money saving apps” or “coupon apps” and uninstall them after the first round of wasted time. Checkout 51, though, is pretty darn cool. Looking at the screenshot above, it […]

Money from home: Checkout 51